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About Me

I have been using the internet since 1996. I've seen a lot of changes to the web during that time. I became really interested in the websites people made about any topic under the sun, using just HTML 4.0 (old stuff!) I began tinkering with it off and on, eventually finding sites like Tripod, Bravenet, and Geocities, where you could set up a pretty nice looking page.

The websites that were created back in the day using HTML looked a lot like this one (even though I actually used a tiny little bit of CSS here!)

Time went on, and I got really busy with life, but the internet and how it worked kept on growing, changing, and morphing into what we have now. Since I didn't keep up with the new stuff, when I came back to where I had left off in my learning, a lot of what I had known was no longer applicable.

Personal HTML sites became Myspace, which gave way to Facebook, which led to Twitter, which led to Instagram (I'm on all these sites, BTW.) And of course, YouTube (You can learn all the new coding stuff there!)

So, welcome to my re-entry into the world of web development. Enjoy.

If I can do this, you can too.

To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials!